It is a common misconseption that all Home Inspections are the same or that all Home Inspectors are the same or that a Home Inspection fee is equal across the board.  Most Realtors do not even know this, but there are several different standards out there that Inspectors choose to follow. Some are very soft,  and some are very thorough. Understand this “The Florida Standards of Practice” are the minimum standard allowed, The next step up would be InterNAchi / Ashi standards, above that would be FABI Standards of Practice which require a bit more thoroughness than the others, Lastly would be the ASTM  E2018-15 standard, which is followed by CCPIA inspectors such as myself, is far more comprehinsive. I am sure most people reconize using the Realtor recommended inspector does require at least a bit of investigation. 1. How long has your inspector been inspecting homes in Florida? 2. What inspection standard does he follow? 3. Has he ever built homes in Florida and if so how many in the Florida Keys 4 Does your inspector hold additional licenses in Florida ? 4.Does your Inspector have insurance and not only liability, but E & O insurance to protect you. 5. does your inspector hold membership & affilations with builing officials in this state.. 

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