Something I find on a regular basis while doing inspections is an electrical configuration that is just plain dangerous.

The scenario: A standard 220 interior stove outlet is mounted outside and connected to a nice looking breaker box which really serves no purpose because portable generators have their own breakers. The scary part is that the breaker box is plugged in above the main disconnect. So, when the power goes out due to a storm or whatever, it’s intended that one would plug a generator into the outlet, turn on the breakers and then there would be power in the home; not a lot of power but 50 – 60 amps which is enough to run some lights and the refrigerator (maybe even the TV). 

Then the power comes back on…

The result: The trouble begins with a fire in the electrical box, which leads to a blown electrical meter, a ruined generator, and often a home fire.

It is great to have a backup power system for your home, but a little darkness and loss of food is not worth the damage of your home or putting your family’s safety at risk. Having a proper bus transfer box installed is just the first step in making sure your backup power system is safe for your home. Please be sure to always have a licensed electrician do this work for you.

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