As June comes to a close, we share with you the final installment of Energy Cost Savings. We hope that the tips shared with you this month can be implemented in your home and office so that you will immediately begin to see savings on your energy bills. They may seem like a lot of little things, but we all know they add up to big dollars. 

Begin cooking on a higher heat setting and reduce to a simmer once your optimal temperature has been reached. There is no cook difference between and slow boil and fast boil on most recipes. 

Refrain from peeking in the oven until the required cook time has been reached. Each time you open the oven door heat escapes and the oven must work harder to regain those lost degrees. 

Practice using retained heat. This means shut off the oven or turn off the burner just a few minutes before the required time. The retained heat will continue to cook for you. 

Consider natural gas appliances as these are more efficient than electric units. 

Unless specifically indicated, cook with lids on your pots and pans. This retains heat allowing for a faster reach of the temperture desired. 

When possible place your clothes washing machine as close to the hot water heater as possible because water loses heat as it travels. 

Do not dry clothes excessively. Not only does this save energy but heat will shrink clothing and set stains. 

Clean your lint trap and lint filters in your clothes washer and dryer. Once or twice a year you should also check that your exhaust on the dryer is clean and unblocked. (This will also help prevent fires.)

Insulate your water pipes to retain heat in the water and help prevent freezing in the winter. 

Set your water heater at 120 degrees. As you use water, it will heat more quickly at lower temperatures. This can also prevent you and your children from experiencing burns. 

Repair dripping faucets and leaking toilets immediately, as water loss adds up very quickly. 

Reduce deposits in your water heater by draining a bucket of water from the BOTTOM of the water heater once or twice a year. Deposits corrode your appliance and not only cause energy loss but also wear the machine much faster. 

Use low flow shower heads and toilets to save on water consumption. 

Many of these tips are rather specific and take a little time, but in the long run you will find the savings far surpass the little effort it takes to implement these tips. 

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