Buying a home is expensive right? You have so many things to consider during your purchase. Why then would you voluntarily pay $300- $600 for some home inspections? Well, much like insurance, your inspection is a safe guard for the investment you are about to make. Let us explain…

An inspection can foremost serve as a contingency in your purchase offer. If you find that certain things are in disrepair or not up to code, you then have the right to forego the purchase if you do not wish to endure the repairs yourself. This gives you an option to choose if you want a home that needs some love or if it ready to live in immediately.

An inspection can provide you with very valuable information that can directly affect the lives and health of your family. It’s unlikely that any of us want to purposely move into a home with asbestos, mold, or other issues that can silently and slowly affect the well-being of our family.

If you are buying a home with certain luxuries you are not used to, such as a pool, hot tub, boat dock, etc., you will want to know the integrity of these things since it may be a bit foreign to you. Your licensed professional inspector can also give you tips about owning such luxuries and should be able to give you a list of trustworthy contractors in your area to help with the maintenance of these items in the future.

Even if you are already a savvy home owner and are simply looking to move to a more appropriate home for yourself and your family, do you really know every single detail to look at? Do you have an extensive checklist and knowledge of the things you should check? From the tiniest detail to the largest of roofs, a licensed professional inspector has a process and knows the legalities and details of the things that need to be inspected.

In our website and other blogs, we explain to you many things that we delve into while inspecting your potential home. You may be quite surprised to see just how much we undertake to ensure that you are comfortable and safe with your investment.

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