It seems on an almost weekly basis now I am doing an insurance inspection for a home owner who has been misled by a hurricane shutter company. There are at least two companies I know of selling hurricane shutter stickers to people and leading them to believe that they can now receive discounts on their insurance, because of this labeling. So, I see a 1990 accordion shutter with a brand new sticker in place and am to believe this new sticker has somehow transformed the shutter into a new Class A hurricane rated assembly.  This is exactly why hurricane shutter contractor cannot perform wind mitigation inspection. Do not fall victim to this SCAM. If your shutters are hurricane rated, missile impact tested units and missing a sticker, it is no big deal. The information needed to prove you have rated shutters is called an NOA (notice of acceptance) these can be found on the Miami / Dade website for product approval. PLEASE just hire a licensed inspector to investigate this for you and DO NOT buy a roll of stickers from a shutter guy.

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