The future is upon us! Just a few decades ago, voice-controlled homes were the thing of sci-fi shows, but now it is becoming more and more common. In fact, here in the US, it is very likely that most homes have some type of voice control device in their home, even if the device isn’t being used in that way currently. The majority of modern phones can be used for home automation, and usually, they have voice control as well. So what stops people from utilizing this ability?

Many are concerned about safety, and that is a valid consideration, since an insecure home automation system could open you up for hacking. This is why you should make sure to implement all recommended security measures for your devices, and avoid purchasing devices that are made by unknown manufacturers, since they are much more likely to have security flaws. It is usually best to stick with hardware that is made by a major company instead, even though it costs a little bit more.

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