A critical factor that might not come to mind, but that you have to consider when buying a house is moisture. You should not ignore dampness since it can seriously affect the structure and could cause health hazards. Here are significant causes of moisture intrusion you should be aware of:

Low areas around your home are not filled in – If areas near your home are lower than their surroundings, it can cause water to collect. This could have been caused by heavy equipment when the house was built, or from trees being removed, but no matter the cause, these should be filled in.

Plumbing fixtures are low-grade – If your plumbing fitting/fixtures are cheap or low-grade, it can also cause leaks and moisture intrusion. Ensure that plumbing fixtures are of good quality and installed correctly, especially in wet areas like the bathrooms and the kitchen.

Your roof is not sloped sufficiently – Without a proper slope, water could collect on your roof and seep into your home. Another common issue can surface when satellite dishes or solar panels are installed improperly and holes are made in the roof surface.

Substandard quality of materials – If the materials used to construct the house are substandard, it is more likely that cracks form and leaks start.

Clogged and Leaking pipes – Water leaks from defective or clogged pipes can cause water intrusion as well. Your pipes need to be unclogged and maintained regularly.

There are multiple causes of moisture and dampness. If you see signs of moisture on walls, ceilings, floors, or around the house, do not ignore them but instead call a home inspector immediately. Expert home inspectors will thoroughly check and analyze the root cause of the dampness. This should help you avoid foundation, structure, and health issues. If these issues are ignored, they could cause future expensive repairs.

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