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Here at Accurate Home Inspections, we prefer to quote your home inspections based on the individual home and your requirements. All homes are different in one way or another and in many cases, two homes with the same square footage could be drastically different. Feel free to contact us with any special needs you may have.

Payment in full is due and expected on the day of the physical inspection.
Client’s copy of reports will not be provided until payment is received in full.
For your convenience, we accept checks (including out-of-state checks), all major credit cards, or cash.


To cancel or re-schedule and inspection is no problem as long as we have at least a 24 hour notice. We do charge a $150.00 cancellation fee if inspection is cancelled with less than 24 hours and we cannot fill the opening with another inspection. There is a $150.00 minimum trip charge / Reinspection fee for inspections that cannot be completed due to water / electric service not being connected at the time of inspection. These end up being double trips for the inspector. Please understand that in many cases the inspector has turned down other inspection request, so that your inspection could be performed when you requested it to be performed.

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