We just completed an Inspection of a property for a Buyer. The Seller wanted to make sure no issues would arise should a potetial Buyer hire a home inspector to look at the home. I am a fan of Seller’s getting an Inspection as well as an appraisal prior to listing their home for sale. In this case, however it was a huge fail. The Home Owner failed to do his homework when it came time to hire an inspector, and instead went with a Realtors choice. The 23 – Page inspection report failed to mention several defects and safety related items and did not address all items required by the State of Florida administrative code 61-30.801 Thru 61-30.811. I can’t say it enough, “whether you hire our company or another inspection company    look at sample reports before you hire an inspector”. Your Realtor’s choice inspector may not be the best choice for you. Many Realtor’s inspectors will provide reports of 10-25 pages long that tell you nothing and do not cover all systems and components as required by law. Don’t be like the Seller we dealt with today, he’s out $ 575.00 and he still has a whole list of items to repair or replace before closing. 

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