Lets talk about this for a second, Many guys that present themselfs as General Contractors are not, many are Residential Contractors or Building Contractors. Some are certified by the State and others are locally registered. Next lets define a Contractor for a second, a contractor estimates a job, finances the job and hires other licensed sub-contractors to perform the work. Does it mean your contractor has any knowledge of Plumbing, Electrical, HVAC or even structure? No not exactly, they depend on the sub contractor to perform the work to code and pass inspections. So much for the licensed contractor being any better at home inspections than anyone else. I can say this because for years I was  GC. Now if your home inspector is also a building code inspector, then you may be getting better information on your report.
In reality it takes many years with your hands in all of it and continued education to be a good home inspector. If you really want to know the facts, you have to ask: How long have you been a home inspector? Are you a Master Certified Inspector? What other licences or certifications do you hold? Where can I read your reviews? Where can I verify all of your state licenses? Are you fully Insured? Not just liability but also Errors and Omissions? You will pay more for a good inspector, but in the end, it is really far less than you will end up paying for using a new inexperianced guy.

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