The three key concepts that trick the eye to see more space are light, movement, and scale.
It comes down to the optical illusion or how our eyes are tricked into thinking that a room is bigger than it actually is. Luckily there are easy ways to achieve this optical illusion. Here are some tips you can apply:

Light sources need to be coordinated.

Lighter walls and drape colors can add maximum effect with natural light. Instead of using just one ceiling fixture, a series of small lamps are better to use. Smaller lamps will give an optical illusion of a larger space even during nighttime.

Furniture should be the right size and in the right place

Simply moving your furniture can significantly impact the look of your place. You can use a coffee table with drawers to keep some of the stuff that could cause clutter like books, magazines, phone chargers, remotes, etc. Maximize the use of furniture to give an illusion of greater space.

Organize and clean up

Everything needs to be organized, including books, clothes, remotes, magazines, spare changes, boxes, and junk mail. You can’t trick someone’s eye into thinking that a place is big if there is clutter and furniture all over the place. Just a bit of physical effort in keeping your place clean and organized is the simplest way to make a space look bigger.

Make good use of mirrors

Having a large mirror can help in making your space look bigger. If you have a small bedroom, you can hang mirrors on your closet doors. Putting decorative mirrors in different sizes on your empty walls will give the illusion of a wider space.

These are just a few methods you can use to make your home feel bigger, but if you are looking to move to a larger home, don’t forget to get it inspected by a professional home inspector.

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