For most people, their roof is not exactly at the top of their minds. It is not something that we think about daily (unless you are a home inspector of course). But your roof is a key part of your home, and roof issues often go unnoticed for weeks, months, and years sometimes. But why is that?

Because most people don’t have the opportunity to get a close look at their roof. Unless there is a stain on the ceiling or a puddle on the floor below, then how else would you know there is a problem? Well, that is where a home inspector comes in – more specifically, a maintenance inspection.

If water is coming into your attic (or even into your living space) then that leak has likely been going on for a much longer period of time, and you are just now noticing it. With a maintenance inspection, you can catch issues like this before they occur. A $500 leak can cause thousands of dollars of damage if not caught in time.

A maintenance inspection is more affordable than a home inspection too. So contact us today and ask about getting a maintenance inspection and see what is really going on with your roof – and your entire home.

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